Dual citizenship from the Commonwealth of Dominica offers the region’s most affordable programme
providing numerous business and residential advantages via two streamlined investment options.


Established in 1993, the Commonwealth of Dominica provides a trusted Citizenship by Investment Programme; it offers investors dual citizenship, visa-free access to 120 countries, minimal taxation, is a signatory of double taxation treaties with the USA and CARICOM, full residence status, no residency requirements and a currency pegged to the US Dollar – fulfilled through a confidential 3-4 month application process.

Additional business advantages provided by the Commonwealth of Dominica include no restriction on the repatriation of profits, full exemption from import duties, corporate tax incentives and tax relief benefits. To qualify for their Citizenship by Investment Programme, investors can choose to make either a government fund contribution of as little as $100,000, or an investment in property to the minimum value of $200,000.



Government funding is a key component of the Commonwealth of Dominica’s mobilisation towards national development and a highly affordable method of acquiring citizenship. Investment will be transparently used to finance four key public sector projects; the building of schools, renovation of hospitals, residential developments and the promotion of the burgeoning offshore sector.

To be paid in US Dollars:
– $100,000 for the main applicant.
– $175,000 for an applicant and spouse.
– $175,000 for an applicant and up to two dependants under 18.
– $200,000 for an applicant, spouse and up to two dependants under 18.
– $25,000 for dependants between 18-30 or 55+.


An investment into designated real estate is an especially prudent gateway to citizenship – investors can select from several compelling income producing properties with no residency requirements. After three years of ownership a property owner can sell their property and retain their citizenship – wait five years and it is eligible for resale to another CIP applicant.

To be paid in US Dollars:
$200,000 minimum required Real Estate investment;
$25,000 for the Main Applicant;
$35,000 for the Main Applicant applying with his or her spouse;
$35,000 for a family of up to four, including the Main Applicant;
$50,000 for a family of up to six, including the Main Applicant;
$70,000 for a family of seven or more, including the Main Applicant


Processing Fee (per application) $1,000
Certificate of Naturalisation fee (per person) $250
Standard Passport and Courier fee $300
Expedited Passport Issue fee (per person) $1,200
Investment fee per newborn post citizenship grant $2000

Due Diligence Fees:
Due Diligence fee for main applicant $7,500
Due Diligence fee for spouse $4,000
Due Diligence fee for dependants between 16-25 $4,000
Due Diligence fee for dependants 65+ $4,000



The youngest isle in the Lesser Antilles, the Commonwealth of Dominica is often referred to as the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’, home to the world’s second largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. A total of 365 natural rivers course through the island’s 750 sq. kilometres of rich, verdant land, crowned by mountains of emerald green rainforests – inhabited by rare animals, birds and plants – the highest point being Morne Diablotins at 1447 metres elevation.


In 2015 the Commonwealth of Dominica recorded a GDP (PPP) of US$763 million, split between three sectors of agriculture (15%), industry (14.2%) and services (70.8%). The island uses the East Caribbean Dollar and has access to an educated workforce of 95% English literacy. Commonwealth of Dominica has established itself as a major international hub for financial services and is modelling development around the ecotourism and well-being industry.



Since gaining independence in 1978, Dominica has become an independent island state with a population of 73,000; the capital is Roseau and the island’s official language is English – though French Patois is also spoken. Dominica offers an easy lifestyle, vibrant culture and friendly community in a safe environment with a low rate of crime. The demographic of the island is formed by a majority black ethnic group (86.6%), mixed (9%) and indigenous (2.9%) – the largest age group being 25-54 (40%).



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